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This beautiful ear cuff is part of my 'Celtic Collection', which deeply connects with the energy of Ireland, Mother Earth and her Guardian Angels.  This ear cuff is made from sterling silver and is very comfortable and light to wear.


I live in the West of Ireland and have infused the magical, healing, calming and heart-centred energy of this beautiful land into every item in my Celtic Collection. 


By wearing the Celtic Collection, you will bring these beautiful energies with you as you go about your day, feeling fully supported.


The Celtic knot design on the ear cuff symbolises eternity, with no beginning and no end. It is also a symbol of strength and love. The Celtic knots are some of the first spiritual symbols and they hold their roots and energy to the island of Ireland. 


It’s very easy to wear. The cuff doesn’t require a piercing. Just put it on the smallest part of your ear and then move it to where it is most comfortable, squeeze slightly if necessary to have a stronger hold.


Wear this beautiful knot on your ear to connect to the stunning heart-based energy of Ireland and your inner strength. 

Celtic Knot Ear Cuff (no piercing) - Sterling Silver

12,00 €Prix
  • Diamater of Ear Cuff:  1cm / .4 in


    Sterling Silver.

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